Stay in Compliance with OSHA and ANSI Standards

Our first aid solutions provide cabinets that can help you reach ANSI standards and OSHA compliance. SmartCompliance grids keep you organized and the refill system makes ordering fast and easy – all making Smart Compliance the complete First Aid Solution. Our refill system makes reordering easy and managed. All together this is the SmartCompliance complete solution for first aid.

Grid System

It begins with our unique grid system that makes first aid items easy to find and organized.

Refill Boxes

First aid refill boxes lock in and dispense first aid as needed and stay in place until you’re ready to replace them.

SmartTab Cards

Inside every refill box is an easy to see, yellow SmartTab. When you see one of these you know its time to reorder refills. You won’t get caught with empty boxes or missing first aid.

Refill Management

Whether you have one cabinet or manage dozens, our SafetyHub software helps you keep track of all those necessary refills, where they need to go and how to get them slotted back into a waiting grid slot. First aid only works when it’s available.

Refills & Scanning

SmartTabs and refill boxes both have UPC barcodes that can be scanned easily using our mobile app or brand new SmarTab scanner. After you scan these items you’re ready to manage who, how & when you get a replacement refill. Interested in the app or new SmartTab Scanner? You can find out more here.