The Innovative First Aid System

The SmartCompliance First Aid “Solution”

SmartCompliance is a complete solution that helps automate your monitoring, refills and reordering. It uses organized grids and scannable yellow SmartTabs to help you stay in compliance, saving time and lowering costs. The SafetyHub phone app and back end software make it even easier.

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Compliance with OSHA and ANSI Standards

SmartCompliance First Aid Cabinets help you get and stay in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards. Cabinets come in a range of sizes and product options for every workplace setting to keep employees safe and stay in compliance.

Organized Grid System

Unique grid system locks in the boxes until it’s time to replace them – keeping first aid items organized and easy to find.

Locked-In First Aid Boxes

First aid boxes deliver single-item dispensing while helping to reduce pilferage and keeping cabinets organized. Refill boxes pop in quick and easy.

SmartTab ezRefill System

The innovative yellow SmartTab cards in each box move forward as supplies are used up. When you see one at the front, it’s time to reorder with item and barcode information at your fingertips.

Refill Management Made Easy

The SmartTab eZRefill System and SafetyHub phone app software help you maximize first aid readiness while generating first aid usage reports.

SafetyHub Phone App

When you see the yellow SmartTab, it’s time to reorder. Scan the barcode using our Free SafetyHub phone app to quickly generate a requisition.
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Why SmartCompliance?


Easy to monitor.
Easy to refill.

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Maintaining First Aid cabinets has never been easier – SmartCompliance cabinets use organized, product shelf grids, yellow SmartTab refill cards and a free SafetyHub smart phone scanning app. They take the hassle out of first aid management.

Cost Savings

Save Time, Money & Reduce Waste.

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Cost Savings

SmartCompliance customers enjoy an average of 50% savings on first aid supplies compared to traditional van delivery services. And no overstocked cabinets, no added fees, no waste and reduced pilferage. Click Here for the Cost-Savings and Time Savings Calculators.


Meet OSHA and ANSI Standards with ease and accuracy

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It’s easy to get compliant and stay compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards because Smart Compliance first aid cabinets are pre-configured with the right contents and make it easy to monitor and maintain. No more half-empty, non-compliant cabinets.

Cabinet Management Options for Easy Ordering!

SmartTab® Ordering

Or simply pull the visible SmartTab and order by phone or online.