About Us

First Aid Only, an Acme United Corporation brand, is the trusted provider of cost effective first aid solutions for individuals and businesses in every industry no matter how big or small. Over the last 150 years, Acme United has acquired the first aid companies Pac-Kit, Physicians Care and First Aid Only, to provide the best first aid solutions to our customers.

First Aid Only is proud to assemble its first aid kits in the USA. Our just-in-time manufacturing capabilities allow us to guarantee the longest possible shelf life for first aid items. We use quality products to ensure your employees get the proper medical care to maintain a safe work environment and minimize downtime. Our history is rooted in innovative first-aid solutions, a tradition that continues today. The First Aid Only and SmartCompliance patented designs, help businesses stay compliant with both ANSI Standards and federal OSHA Regulations.

For more information, contact your First Aid Only or first aid supply representative.

First Aid Only..The Smart Choice.